from Aldershot

My garden was newly landscaped following some building work, but the beds were bare. It’s not a large plot, and has some lovely existing trees and shrubs, but I needed to give the whole thing some coherence. I was worried about tackling this by myself however. I worried that things wouldn’t ‘go’ together, or that I’d plant them in the wrong place. Jo came to visit, spending a few hours with me to really understand what I was trying to achieve. She produced an easy-to-use planting plan and a list of suggested plants, together with the quantities I’d need. I started last autumn, planting the larger items to give the garden some structure, and have just finished some spring planting, filling in the gaps with perennials. There are still some spaces, but already it’s starting to look coherent. Things are flowering and they’re looking good. Jo has re-ignited my love of gardening (always there but a bit lost for the last few years), and given me the confidence to start experimenting a bit with this wonderful outdoor space. Rather than feeling overwhelmed by the extent of the task, I now look forward to finishing work and being able to potter. Thank you so much Jo

trowel illustrationGardening with love Jo said, and this is true.

She gave me the confidence to actually begin growing vegetables and now I realise I actually can!

I had the great good fortune to attend one of Jo’s workshops, she set me on the right path. Many thanks Jo!

Sally from Belper

Thank you for  a very enjoyable morning , your enthusiasm and knowledge made the whole process  of re designing a garden seem  just wonderful.  I now find the gardening process quite exciting and less daunting so I am now looking forward to starting the construction phase without any stress.  The follow up notes are extremely useful and I will endeavour to follow them carefully.  I will contact you as soon as the main elements are in place and we get around to some planting!


from Milford, Derbyshire

Eleanor Deveraux

Medical Herbalist from Mansfield

This time last year, Jo came to see us at a really difficult time. We had recently lost our lovely dog and needed an uplift! Jo spent several hours with us, helping us to figure out what we actually wanted from our garden. We talked about what was important, and less important to us, and what we hoped to achieve. It was all very practical and sensible because we didn’t know much about garden plants other than herbs 🙂 There were some aspects of the garden we just couldn’t work out but Jo helped us develop an actual plan and included in our package was a proper drawing with detailed planting! This was brilliant and was covered in mud by the time we had taken it to several nurseries ! The result has been lovely, and we are now looking forward to the second year of our garden. In May 2017 we were home checked by a person from a dog rescue organisation, as we were about to rehome a dog. He looked outside and said ‘Ooh- nice garden’. When Jo first visited in March, we had grass and forget-me -nots so we were delighted by that response. I would recommend Jo’s services and her lovely relaxed approach


from Belper, in Derbyshire

We’ve just got a lovely new house with lots of green space. We have no idea about plants and gardens so called upon Jo to help us. She took us through our garden explaining what we needed to know and giving us some thoughts for the future. We now have a tailor-made plan of what to do now – which is very different from what we thought we had to do! We have some rough ideas of what our garden will become in the future and now lots of time to think about it as we crack on with clearing the space for something beautiful.

If we hadn’t seen Jo, we would have been accidentally cultivating everything that would have killed everything good in our garden. We are really glad we saw her early on, before it became an unmanageable mess.One thing we especially love about Jo’s approach, she puts your wants and needs in the centre of your garden plan, and her passion and love for what she does shines through all of it. She is our little garden angel and we recommend her highly <3

Nutritional Therapist from Southport

Jo came to visit for two days.  Before she came myself and my husband were overwhelmed: enthusiastic and eager to get going on our new garden but we didn’t know where to start. This is our first real garden and we have a lot to learn.  After the two days we have so much more confidence and inspiration. Jo introduced us to all our plants, explained how to care for  them and gave us the belief we can do wonderful things without being over ambitious. In the first week after Jo’s visit we mended fences, cleared paths, pruned bushes and visited the garden centre without becoming overwhelmed.  Previously, I have come away frustrated and confused. We have two initial projects that are now in our soul – a cottage garden flower border and herb garden in pots on the patio. Small step to begin with.  Loving our garden with lots of tea breaks (of the herbal kind). Love you Jo! Thanks so much!


Yoga Teacher, Norfolk

I feel so much less overwhelmed as you help me with my garden in bite sized pieces by asking the most nuanced questions.This detailed plan came only after sending a few dimensions and photos and a Skype chat.  You are utterly brilliant Jo.  You are worth every penny.