Would You Like To Create A Garden That Nourishes Your Mind,  Body and Spirit?

I offer a garden design and advice service that enables you to grow and care for a garden that’s full of beautiful plants chosen to nourish your heart and soul.

Is This You?


Do you want to improve your sense of well-being by creating a beautiful, nourishing garden that you love and that loves you back? Somewhere you feel safe, nurtured and calm (but it just isn’t happening)?

Do you want to feel more connected to nature and yourself but instead you feel disconnected, frustrated and fed up?

Do you want to feel inspired and confident in your garden but instead you feel sad at the lost opportunity that’s sitting right on your doorstep and overwhelmed because you don’t know where to start?

You know how much better you would feel if only you could just have that space where you can re-charge your batteries, be yourself and nurture your own humming, buzzing corner of the world – but it’s really hard to create the garden you long for when you lack time, confidence and knowledge.  You’re worried that you’ll get it all wrong, waste your precious time and money and, even worse, kill your plants.

It all seems an impossible dream.

Paradise Found

You CAN have the garden you long for. No matter how busy your life, or how limited your gardening skills, you can create and care for a garden that re-connects you to yourself, to nature and improves your sense of well-being – but you will probably need a bit of help to get there.  You’ve probably realised that you either can’t or don’t want to do it all on your own.

That’s where I can help with my tailor-made garden design and advice services.

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Hello, I’m Jo the Garden Whisperer

What that means is that I know how to coax the best out of a garden because I garden with love and compassion.  I’m a garden consultant and designer and I create beautiful, joyful gardens that transform the lives of busy, nature-loving women who long for a nurturing space where they can relax, breathe and connect to nature and themselves.

This is what I want for you – for you to connect with what is deeply meaningful to you through that very special connection that comes from gardening.  I want you to experience the peace, the joy and the love that a garden can give you Most of all, I want you to have the garden you long for. I know it will make such a huge difference to your life.

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Imagine how you’ll feel as you sit back and relax, breathing in the tranquility and beauty around you with all those feelings of frustration, overwhelm and sadness melting away.

You WILL succeed in creating the garden you long for.

You WILL succeed in transforming your life by creating a garden that holds you in a BIG GREEN HUG every day.

A Heart-Warming Story of Lives Transformed

This time last year, Jo came to see us at a really difficult time. We had recently lost our lovely dog and needed an uplift! Jo spent several hours with us, helping us to figure out what we actually wanted from our garden. We talked about what was important, and less important to us, and what we hoped to achieve. It was all very practical and sensible because we didn’t know much about garden plants other than herbs 🙂 There were some aspects of the garden we just couldn’t work out but Jo helped us develop an actual plan and included in our package was a proper drawing with detailed planting! This was brilliant and was covered in mud by the time we had taken it to several nurseries ! The result has been lovely, and we are now looking forward to the second year of our garden.
In May 2017 we were home checked by a person from a dog rescue organisation, as we were about to rehome a dog. He looked outside and said ‘Ooh- nice garden’. When Jo first visited in March, we had grass and forget-me -nots so we were delighted by that response. I would recommend Jo’s services and her lovely relaxed approach

Mansfield Woodhouse

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